On a mission to reinvent how humans, teams, and computers work together.

We're eating our own dog food.

We run the entire company on Tana. From hiring and operational processes, through product OKRs and roadmap planning, to detailed design docs, user research and issue tracking – and everything is interconnected by default.

We wouldn't go back.

In 1980, Steve Jobs said that the computer is the most remarkable tool we’ve ever come up with: it’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds. Instead, the last 30 years have led us to something more like a hamster wheel for people.

Information is scattered across siloed tools, context and conclusions are lost in endless chat threads, and the most widely used tools have become dumbed down and rigid in the pursuit of removing friction. They're easy to learn, but hard to use. Unlike a bicycle, the computer rarely feels like an extension of yourself.

We believe we see a better way – and the more we explore it, the more confident we are that there is a better way.

Core team

We're building a team of experienced developers, technologists and founders, with backgrounds ranging from global technology leaders to fast-paced startups.

Grim H. Iversen


Grim has been working on software and computers since he programmed the Sinclair ZX80 as a kid. He’s worked as senior product manager for Google Wave, with particular responsibility on real time editor and user analytics team, and as a senior product manager on the monetization of Google Maps. The last couple of years he has acted as VP of Products for Telenor Digital and Disruptive Technologies.

Tarjei M. Vassbotn


Tarjei has founded and sold several tech companies and has more than 20 years experience as a leader in technology companies such as Scandinavian Online & Google as well as in startup companies such as Disruptive Technologies and Nofence. He has led Google's IoT DevRel from Silicon Valley and has helped build Google's partner network in Asia with everything from small partners in the Cambodian jungle to large telecommunications companies in Japan and Australia.

Olav S. Kriken


Olav Sindre has founded and sold several companies, and the last 10 years he spent as Head of Agency of Racer (now VDM), a company he founded and sold to one of Europe’s leading software companies, Visma. He has a broad experience in building companies and brands, and in his time as Head of Agency he worked with over 150 companies, focusing on marketing, monetization and business models.

Ali Akhtarzada

Senior SW Engineer

Ali got into development because of videogames over 20 years ago, when he first hacked together a clone of Arkanoid in Turbo C++. Since then, he's worked on game engines, databases, multiple personal design projects and libraries, a number of failed products, a number of successful products (with 10s of millions of users). He's built developer communities, dabbled in programming languages, gone through 3 tech-startups, worked in design in advertising, and in journalism for newspapers.

Asgeir Hoem

Head of Design

Asgeir has over a decade of experience designing for digital platforms. He was the lead product designer and CEO at Stay.com, and later the sixth employee and Head of Product Design at Exabel.

Eirik Hoem

Senior SW Engineer

Eirik is a developer with 15 years of experience in application development, large user communities, team management and startup-projects. Started out in telecommunications, then was tech lead at Sukker.no, Norways leading online dating service with almost 1M profiles.

Alex Strikha

Senior SW Engineer

Alex is a seasoned software engineer, with both hands-on experience in developing for multiple platforms, as well as leading development teams. He came to Tana from Schibsted, where he worked on their real-time sports offering.

Erlend Hamberg

Senior SW Engineer

Erlend started a on computer engineering degree to learn about systems programming and hardware, but veered slightly off course and ended up with a degree in computer science with a specialization in AI. He briefly returned to his former passion of low-level programming, working on GPU drivers, but was never able to let go of the power and elegance of functional programming and type systems, and climbed back up the abstraction ladder again. When he is not in front of a computer you can find him on the Oslofjord in a kayak.

Sebastian Gorton Kalvik

Senior UI Engineer

Sebastian is a designer and developer with years of experience building both simple and complex information and publication systems as well as designing and building interactive applications and installations at Text Matters and internetfriendsforever.

He has a background in right-click+view-source and visual communication. When not working on user interfaces and graphs, you'll find him at the international food markets, in the kitchen, or at the local climbing wall.

Odin Urdland

Senior SW Engineer

Odin has used Linux almost his entire life and is a proponent of the web as a platform. He worked at Opera Software and Whereby before joining Tana.

Kim Joar Bekkelund

Senior SW Engineer

Kim Joar has experience both as an engineer and as an engineering director, from Bekk, Elastic, Facebook and Cognite. He was part of the engineering leadership team at Cognite, where he managed 8 teams and ~50 software engineers. At Facebook he worked on interfaces with >1 Billion monthly users, and at Elastic he led the Elastic Cloud UI and Kibana Platform teams.


We are proud to be supported by some of the best minds in the industry.

Douwe Osinga


Douwe is a product oriented software engineer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He’s the Director Of Engineering at Sidewalk Labs, and he’s founded and sold several companies, most notably Triposo - a system built on a set of NLP and Machine Learning techniques. Before this he headed up the Google Wave API team that built the extension framework to allow third parties to build robots and ui-widgets for Wave. He later refactored the ui-widget API, and which evolved into the Hangouts API. He’s also the author of the Deep Learning Cookbook.

Amir Shevat


Amir is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in platform companies. He has built developers ecosystems, products, and platform partnerships around the world, and is an engineer by birth. He’s the founder and CPO at Reshuffle, he's been the Head of Developer Relations at Slack, former Developer Relations Program Manager at Google, mentor to Elevate (Europe’s first bot accelerator), and the VP of Product at Twitch. He’s also the author of Designing Bots: Creating Conversational Experiences, and Designing Web APIs: Building APIs That Developers Love.

Stian Håklev


Stian has a PhD in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning from the University of Toronto, and worked as a researcher in EPFL, Switzerland, where he built a system to enable teachers to author and run complex collaborative learning scenarios. During his PhD, he was active in Open Access, Science 2.0, and built an academic knowledge management suite. He has been very active in the Roam community, writing core extensions, and eventually joining the Roam team as a senior engineer. He currently works at Minerva Project, a company that is rebuilding the university from first principles, as a Principal Learning Architect and Engineering.

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