21st century workspace. This cape lets you fly.

By rethinking fundamental concepts from the ground up, Tana pioneers a new way of working with information. You've never seen a workspace as simple yet as powerful as this: it's like a bicycle for your mind.

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The simplicity of a notebook, backed by the power of a graph database. Let structure emerge as you need it, instead of the hassle and guesswork of defining rigid schemas in advance.

Tana is lightning fast, and equally suitable both for structured data and for quick notes and thoughts.

Packing real power.

For personal use

Track todos, collect resources, capture your thoughts, and organise your day.

For researchers

Structure research projects and papers, lecture notes and other academic work.

For engineers

Track tasks and issues, collect user input, write up feature specs.

For managers

Track your hiring pipeline, run 1:1s, plan OKR and roadmaps, and capture meeting notes.

For designers

Run user interviews, structure feedback, feature maps, and write design docs.

For VCs

Portfolio management, keep track of prospects, and capture meeting notes.

For sales teams

Collect leads, track your sales pipeline, and plan marketing activities.

For anyone

Tana is completely data-agnostic, and can be used for nearly anything.

Write information,
not documents.

The document format has survived from scrolls, via the printing press and typewriter, to various incarnations of live web docs –all without fundamentally changing much. The reason, of course, is simple: documents are straight-forward, flexible and easy to deal with.

However, the digital document and page metaphors are often unsuitable containers for a lot of the things that end up in them. Ultimately, you work with information. The document is just a structure over your information.

Why is it that we have to choose between the familiar flexibility of a plain document, and the awkward rigidity of structured tools?

We believe there is a much better way →

An experienced team.

Tana is built by a team of experienced developers, technologists and founders, with backgrounds ranging from global technology leaders to fast-paced startups.

Hiring engineers!

We are looking for the best people in their field, to help us fundamentally change how humans, teams and computers work together. We currently have four open positions, but we're happy to talk also if you have a different background.

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