AI / ML engineer

Software engineers with real world applied AI / ML experience.

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Have you worked on real life, practical implementation of AI / ML projects? Are you interested in using AI / ML to disrupt how humans and teams work and collaborate? Then we're looking for you!


  • We are building an information management system based on a fast text interface.
  • Our goal is to make editing a complex information graph as simple as writing a text document.
  • Our AI components will work interactively with users to enhance their text input to create a semantically tagged and interlinked data graph
  • Potential areas for assistive AI are clustering, POS tagging, entity recognition, classification, summarization , de-duplication, auto-suggestions of content transformations and actions and more.
  • We are a product startup, not an AI research lab.
  • You are able to navigate the current state of tools and libraries to implement practical solutions, while keeping an eye on new research papers for future opportunities.
  • You are motivated by being part of the product development team that aims to delight users with working features.


  • As part of a close team covering Design, Product and Engineering
  • Proof of concept explorations and prototypes that demonstrate what can be achieved with AI-based features as part of our UI & Product.
  • Realization of production quality implementations of selected AI features based on open source or commercially available libraries, models and services
  • Tracking the developing field of AI, with a focus on identifying realistic approaches and solutions related to the area that Tagr addresses

Required Skills

  • Experience in applying machine learning techniques particularly within Natural Language Processing
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Solid software engineering skills across multiple languages
  • Deep understanding of ML techniques such as: Classification, clustering, deep learning, word embedding, language models.
  • Proven ability to apply, debug, and develop machine learning models for real-world applications.
  • An overview of tools such as TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, SparkML with deep mastery of at least one of the leading deep learning frameworks.

About you

  • You're open and honest with others and with yourself
  • You're curious
  • You're a life-long learner
  • You get a thrill when you can dig in deep, but you impatiently get things done
  • You care about understanding the challenges humans and teams face in everyday work
  • You love building stuff

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We believe in diversity and inclusivity

To make a dent in the universe, we need universal perspectives. Diversity will be key to our success. We make an effort be inclusive and diverse, and we encourage anyone to apply!

Company culture

We are open and candid with ourselves and others, and we believe in being kind and compassionate.

We are curious and life-long learners, and get a thrill when digging deep to understand the challenges humans and teams face in everyday work.

Combined, this is what makes us push limits and build an epic team ready to create the future.

Working at Tana

We offer

  • hard engineering challenges,

  • great teammates,

  • competitive equity, pay and pension,

  • great health and life insurance,

  • parent-friendly hours and flexibility,

  • generous vacation.

All positions are full-time and remote-first (preferably +/- 3h CET in order to get some overlap, due to the still relatively small size of the team).

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